About CleanBox

CleanBox was founded in order to make laundry services convenient and accessible to match the dynamic and busy lifestyle of modern life

CleanBox brings the world of laundry to the 21st century with an innovative service concept and the use of modern technology that guarantees a pleasurable experience of comfort and convenience.
With CleanBox you no longer need to iron your clothes at home, wait in line at the dry cleaner or accommodate your busy schedule to meet the cleaner's delivery service. We bring the service to you - "on the way" at your workplace or residence, in a simple and convenient manner available at the time you choose.
CleanBox lockers are located in office and residential buildings near elevators or parking lots, so all you have to do is place your laundry at the locker on your way to the elevator. Once a day we pick up your clothes, have them professionally cleaned, and return them back to the locker. We let you know when your items are ready and back at the locker for you to pick up. We return your items neatly packed and ready to be carried home, so that all that remains for you to do is to put them back in your closet ....
CleanBox lockers provide a safe and convenient solution to your laundry hassle. They are operated by a touch screen featuring a simple and friendly user interface. For your convenience, payment is made by credit card when collecting your clean items.