How does it work?

Each Locker station is equipped with a computer touch screen running a friendly and simple user interface, through which you choose between dropping your dirty laundry and collecting your clean laundry.

In order to ensure the best service, when dropping your laundry you will be asked to list the amount of items you have left with us (please separate  them to laundry, ironing, dry cleaning etc.). You can add additional comments for us (such as "please pack the pink shirt separately" or "note the stain that needs to be removed").

After that, the system will unlock an available (empty) locker in which you will drop your items.

Make sure to close the door after dropping your items! Once the door is closed, the Locker will lock automatically, and you will receive a text message indicating that the laundry has been left with us.

Once a day we collect the items from our lockers and have them cleaned according your requests. On any dilemma regarding the items you provided, we will stop the treatment and contact you. This ensures that your items will receive the best care. Once cleaned, we will return your items to the locker and send you a text message inviting you to collect your order.

When collecting your order, its details and the payment amount will display on the screen (please note that payment is made by credit card only). Once your payment has been confirmed, the relevant locker will open for you to collect your clean items, and a receipt will be sent to you by e-mail.